Gender Roles in Russia

I found this when I was grocery shopping today, so obviously I had to buy it.

The front says “PROTECT FROM WOMEN”

And the back? “A special delicacy especially for men. Potent and sweet. Do not touch, men’s property!” Please note the little warning label in the top left corner, which says “Store out of reach of women.”

The chocolate itself is just extra thick and has the little warning label picture of a woman crossed out stamped on all the squares. It was also delicious : )

6 thoughts on “Gender Roles in Russia

  1. I’m actually boycotting Dr. Pepper until they drop their sexist bullshit with their new 10 calorie version. Honestly, I would probably not buy this chocolate, but then again, it’s not Milka so I probably wouldn’t have bought it one way or the other.

  2. Ruth, the UK has the same candy! It’s called a Yorkie bar and “It’s Not for girls!” Maybe it’s a Nestle thing!

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