Where can I find a bar in this town?

I’ve been trying to reproduce the ratatouille that I made a couple of weeks ago, as more veggies in my life would be good, and also re-heating ratatouille is super low-effort, which is pretty much my Number One criteria when it comes to dinner. But, despite finding an honest-to-god yam in the grocery store the other day, zucchini have gone missing altogether. Cucumbers, yes. There are huge cucumbers in multiple locations in all grocery stores, as if they were Valentine’s Day candies. But no zucchinis. So, more in an effort to use my vkontakte (Russian facebook) account more than in any actual hope of finding a kabachok, I posted there, in Russian, “Where can I find a zucchini?” My fifteen-year-old friend Zhenya commented on this status, “That’s a bad idea.” When I pressed him why he thought a zucchini would be a bad idea, he conceded, “There are a couple of good pubs and bars in our city.” And then I looked up kabachok in the online dictionary again. Turns out it’s not only a delicious summer squash, but a common slang word for “bar” or “pub.”

Go figure.

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