Out of Deep Freeze

There’s a new post up at globaljabouble.com in which I finally end my months-long post-Russia silence, and talk about reverse culture shock, and the ways that my time in Russia continues to impact me.


3 thoughts on “Out of Deep Freeze

  1. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been intermittently following your adventures (achievements) in life from 1999 onward. (Those intermittent occasions were whenever your dad would happen to mention your latest achievement, and later your blog address, in our ever decreasing contact.) I have a question about the presentation of your blog: If possible, would you consider listing your entries chronologically as well as by title? As always, this blog proved to be quite interesting, Ruth. Although I’ve never been off US soil long enough to experience true culture shock, let alone return to “reverse culture shock,” I do have those moments in my life that I look back on with a certain degree of surprise as I contrast them with my current life of relative indolence. Keep on keepin’ on!

    • That is hard for me to believe too, Charlie. I’m delighted that you continue to find them interesting! If you want the posts in chronological order, you can go to the archives by clicking on the calendar on the right hand side, and I think that should give you posts by date. :)

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